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HY-451 Gross Rubber

Name:HY-451 Gross Rubber
Number: HY-451
Count: 365
Distribution time: 2010-06-21
Baby nipples, cake mold, food mold,etc.

The product is solid silicone rubber suitable for press mold with high transparency, high strength, and high tear strength. The basic model is HY-451.

Main characteristics:
Hy-451 Gross rubber, which is an elastomer cured under high temperature, has the following excellent properties:
High transparency
Excellent tear strength
Strong resilience
Good heat stability and weatherability (temperature resistant range of -60℃~250℃)
Heat-ageing resistance
Comply with USA CFR 21.Part.177.2600 and Chapter 4.9 Test Standards for Volatile Compound of EN14350 and EU RoHS Standard.

Standard Datasheet:

Model 451
Appearance Translucent
Vulcanizing agent(%) 2~3
Gravity 1.14
Hardness(A°) 40±2
Tensile Strengt(Mpa) ≥6.5
Elongation(%) ≥355
Tear Strength(KN/m) 11
Linear Shrinkage(%) 3.1~3.5
Rebound elasticity(%) 60
Curing agent Double2.5\2.4

Typical data can not be directly used for actual production guidance. Please contact us for details.

The general package of HY-451 series is in 20kg per carton.

Other applications
Mould pressing products, rolling and sheet materials, suitable for food grade silicone rubber products ,such as baby nipples, medical pipes, cake molds, food molds, etc.

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Silicone Rubber
    1. HY-450 Gross Rubber Number: HY-450
      Distribution time: 2010-06-21
      Usage: Mold press for medical tube, transparent products, diving glasses,etc.