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Lead-tin Alloy Craft Silicone Disc HY-455

Zinc-aluminum Alloy Craft Silicone Disc HY-456

Alloy crafts, bullion jewelry, fishing tools, and pendants.

The product is mainly applicable to zinc aluminum alloy arts and crafts, imitation of gold and silver ornaments, bracelets, hanging ornaments, furniture fittings, decoration accessories, toys and gifts, etc.

Standard Datasheet

Items Technical datasheet
Model HY-456
Gravity (g/cm2) 1.70
Hardness (shareA) 85-87
Elongation at break(%) 68.69
Tensile strength(Kgf/cm2) 41.21
Tear strength (Kgf/cm) 16.95

The disc silicone rubber consists of Past A and Part B, Part A is the working surface, Part B acts secondary role. It is mainly applicable to casting lead tin craftworks and product models. Fix the product upon one piece of A, cover with another pieces of A, and put pieces of Part B over the upper and lower sides of Part A. Then take it to a press molding machine, whose temperature is generally at 160~180℃, and it can be demouled in 30 minutes. After taking out the mold, make a round hole at the central point of the disc with diameter of 30mm for material injection, inject the zinc aluminum alloy liquid into the disc silicone mold, and the products can be shaped by the force of a mode of centrifuge.

Features and properties
1. Temperature resistance of 400℃~420℃ or even more higher.
2. The usual sizes are 9 inches and 12 inches. Thickness is 4.5~5mm, special orders can be customized.
3. Excellent quality and no harm to people.

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