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Addition cure encapsulant and potting compound

Electronic Potting Silicone

Name:Addition cure encapsulant and potting compound
Number: HY-220
Count: 217
Distribution time: 2010-06-18
Usage: Filling for LED,LCD electronic display, circuit board.

It is applicable to sealing,bonding,coating for electronic parts. 
HY-220 is two-component addition cure silicone rubber which can be divided into a transparent type and a flame resistant type. The product, which can be vulcanized under room temperature or moderate temperature with low viscosity, easy mixing and pouring, is applicable to bulk pouring with excellent electrical performance.

Standard Datasheet:

Model HY-220
Type General purpose
Component A B
Appearance(liquid) transparent transparent
Mixing ratio(%) 9 1
Viscosity (Pa.s) 1.5
Pot life (25℃)(H) 2
Curing time(H) 2-8
Hardness Shore A 20
Tensile strength (Mpa) -
Elongation at break (%) -
Dielectric strength (kv/m-1) 18
Specific inductive capacity (SIC) (1MHz) 2.8-3.2
Breakdown voltage( 15
Volume resistivity (Ω) 1×1014
Dielectric loss factor (1MHz) 1×10-3

The product has low shrinkage and non-corrosive; the silicone rubber can be used for a long period at the temperature of -60℃~250℃ with the characteristics of moisture-proof and waterproof, radiation-proof as well as weatherable and anti-ageing.
Note: Vulcanizing under the room temperature or heat curing according to different requirements.

Using instruction:
1. Mix the component A and component B evenly according to the proportion and can be used after deaired.
2. The vulcanizing time depends on the temperature in case of heat curing is required. The higher the temperature, the shorter the vulcanizing time, and the thicker the product, the longer the time.
3. The flame resistant type silicone may produce deposit after long-time placement. Mix the component A and component B respectively and evenly according to the proportion before using.

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