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Organic Silicone Gel

Organic Silicone Gel

Name: Organic Silicone Gel
Number: HY-958
Count: 499
Distribution time: 2010-06-17
Usage: silicone bra, shoulder pad, silicone doll, mouse pad,etc.

HY-958# is a two components addition cure or heat curing organic silicone gel . It is colorless or skin oily liquild, which is soft elastomer after cure. It can be used for filling material, silicone bra, shoulder pad, superior mouse pad, silicone doll,and other silicone products.

It keeps soft elasticity after long time use under temperature of -65℃~200℃, with excellent electrical performance and chemical stability, waterproof, ozone resisting, weatherable, anti-ageing, non-corrosive, physical inertia, low shrinkage, and easy operability,etc.
It mainly used for filling material, silicone bra, shoulder pad, superior mouse pad,etc.

Typical properties:

Model 958
Component A B
Color Transparent Transparent
Mix ratio 1 1
Viscosity(cps) 1000-5000
Pot life(H) 0.5
Curing time(H) 1~2
Elongation(%) >=300
Tensile strength(Mpa) >=1.2
Tear strength(KN/m) >=0.9
Hardness(A°) Hardness can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers ( 0-18A°)

Using Instruction:
Mixing the part A with part B evenly according to the proportion of 1:0.95~1.05, and can be poured after degassing , with pot life 0.5H, it will be cured in about 10 minutes when heating up the temperature to 80℃~120℃ .The pot life of room temperature fast curing is less than 30 mins ,and the curing time is 2 hours. The color can be changable according to the customers' requiry .

Package , storage, and precautions :
It's packed in 5kg,10kg,20kg per drum, it can be transported as non-dangerous goods. The shelf life is about one year when it is tightly closed ,kept from acid, alkali and impurities. The platinum catalyzed silicone should be kept from those substance ,such as water,impurities , condensation tin catalyst ,acid ,alkali ,and other organic compound containing S,N,P. which may influence the curing process

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Silicone Rubber
    1. HY-968 LifecastingNumber:HY-968
      Distribution time:2010-06-21
      Usage:Mannequin design, silicone bra, electronic filling.