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Addition cure molding silicone rubber

Addition Cure Molding Silicone Rubber

Name:Addition Cure Molding Silicone Rubber
Number: HY-998
Count: 464
Distribution time: 2010-06-17
Usage: It mainly use for making precision molds, silicon insoles, food grade molds, such as chocolate, cake moulds, baby nipples, mobile shell and models, superior manual mold design, etc.

HY-998 is a kind of addition cure high temperature resistance organic molding silicone rubber.It's liquid with moderate viscosity and can be poured and brushed.The mold made out of the silicone and curing agent,which with high temperature up to 250-300℃,has dimension stability,low linear shrinkage.It's a two-component material with mixing ratio of 10:1,and it's used for soft mold making,etc.

Silicone rubber will not release low molecule under the condition of crosslinking,so the volume will not vary,linear shrinkage will less than 0.1%;it does not subject to the thickness of the products, and can be cured deeply;it with high tensile and tear strength and anti-yellowy under high temperature of 200℃.

It's applicable to make mold,development and design for mobile model, exquisite model,lead-zinc alloy crafts and the products with low shrinkage.

Typical properties:

Model Color Viscosity
Tensile strength
Tear Strength
Mixing ratio
Pot life
Demould time(min)
998 Transparent 6000 21 >=2.1 >=1.0 >=330 100 0.5 60/250 ℃

Storage and precautions:
This product is forbidden to mix with organic compounds of condensation cure silicone rubber,otherwise, the silicone rubber will not cure, and also should not mix with organic compounds containing S, P, N as well as metallic salt of organic acids. It also will cause this product cure uncompletely or not cure. The shelf life is about 6 months.

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