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Electronic Potting Silicone

Electronic Potting Silicone

The low viscosity, two-component electronic potting silicone is capable of fast cure at room temperature. With good bonding performance, the RTV silicone is applicable to surfaces of such materials as PC, PP, ABS, PVC and metal, etc. The electronic potting silicone is fully compliant with ROHS requirements. It is used for the insulation, water prevention and fixing for electronic components, electronic potting and encapsulation of LED, LCD screens and circuit boards, and typically suits electric module and outdoor LED screen encapsulation.

Use Instructions on the Electronic Potting Silicone
1. Stir component A evenly till the black pigment is uniform. Shake component B well.
2. Mix A and B in the weight ratio of 10:1.
3. The electronic potting silicone can be deaired according to specific needs. Stir the A and B mixture uniformly and then put it into a vacuum container. After 3 minutes' deaeration under 0.08MPa, it will be ready for pouring.
4. After pouring, the RTV silicone is kept at room temperature for cure. It goes to the next process until it is largely cured. It takes 24 hours for complete cure. Ambient temperature and humidity have great influence on cure.

Technical Data of the HY-210 Electronic Potting Silicone

Item Component A Component B
Before curing Appearance Black fluid Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Viscosity (cps) 2500±500 -
Operating performance Component A: Component B (weight ratio) 10:1
Operating time (min) 20~30
Curing time (hr, largely cured) 3
Curing time (hr, completely cured) 24
Hardness (shore A) 15±3
After curing Coefficient of thermal conductivity [W (m·K)] ≥0.2
Dielectric strength(kV/mm) ≥25
Dielectric constant (1.2MHz) 3.0~3.3
Volume resistivity (Ω·cm) ≥1.0×1016
Fire resistance 94-V1

Note: The above performance data are based on 25℃ temperature, 55% relative humidity and one day after curing. The data are subjected to change under different test conditions and without notice due to product improvement.

1. The electronic potting silicone should be kept sealed. Use up the well-mixed silicone at one time to avoid waste.
2. Keep the product away from the mouth and eyes. If the silicon gets into the mouth or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water or go to see a doctor.
3. After being stored for a period of time, the silicone may become layered. Stir it uniformly before use, so the performance will not be affected.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation of the Electronic Potting Silicone
1. The HY-210 electronic potting silicone is packed in 22kg / set (A: 20kg, B: 2kg).
2. The shelf life of the silicone is three months (below 25℃). Our company is not liable for any damage or problem due to use after expiration.
3. The goods is NOT subject to the provisions of IMDG code. It is treated as general chemicals for safe transportation.

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