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Lifecasting Silicone

Lifecasting Silicone

The lifecasting silicone has superior electrical performance, and chemical stability, and is resistant to biological aging, water, weather, corrosion, etc. Meanwhile, it is physiologically inert, non-toxic, and tasteless. Our lifecasting silicone is easy to use. Even when it offers low hardness, it can satisfy your mechanical strength requirement. So, the silicone product can be used in variety of applications.

To illustrate, the lifecasting silicone can be as the raw material for manufacturing soft silicone products like breast enhancers, shoulder pads, sex toys, body organs, and more. Also, it can be used in pad printing field for making silicone pads which are used as a pattern transfer carrier for plastic toys, electroplated products, electronic products, and trademarks, etc. As a kind of room temperature vulcanizing addition cure silicone rubber, the lifecasting silicone is almost colorless, and we can manufacture it with different colors to suit customers' varied demands.

Technical Specifications of the Y812 Lifecasting Silicone

Model Before curing
Appearance Dynamic viscosity Cp(25℃) Shore A0 Pot life (mins)(25℃) Demould time (hrs) Tensile strength (Mpa) Tear strength (kn/m) Elongation at break (%)
Y812 Yellowish translucent fluid without apparent mechanical impurity A, B, A+B(1:1) 4000±1000 A+B(1:1) 12±2 A+B(1:1); 30±10; or as per customer's request A+B(1:1)(25℃); 4±1; or as per customer's request ≥2.5 ≥15 ≥500
Note 1. Keep sample at room temperature for at least one hour before you take a proper amount of it for testing. Put A and B under room temperature for one hour respectively, and then mix them evenly in the ratio 1:1. Test the viscosity immediately. (For the fast cured type lifecasting silicone, delayed action activator is required.)
2. The cured test sheet should be no less than 6mm in thickness.
3. Mix A and B uniformly at a ratio of 1:1 under room temperature, and record the time when crosslinking reaction occurs in the mixture.
4. The test sheet is initially vulcanized with the thickness at least 2cm, and it can be restored after extrusion. The cured sheet is made to offer standard mechanical property, which is tested by an electronic universal testing machine.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation of the Y812 Lifecasting Silicone
1. Keep the lifecasting silicone in a cool and dry place. Meanwhile, keep it away from nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, tin, and lead compounds, or metal organic acid salts.
Otherwise, the catalyst will be poisoned, and then the lifecasting silicone can not be cured or just partially cured.
2. The lifecasting silicone should be packaged in clean, dry and sealed steel cans or drums, with separated package for Component A and B. Usually it is packed in 5kg/can, 20kg/drum or 200kg/drum.
3. The lifecasting silicone offers a shelf life of 18 months from the date of production, and it can still be used after expiration when it is retested and proves to be acceptable. It is NOT subject to the provisions of the IMDG code.

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