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Mould Silicone Rubber

Mould Silicone Rubber HY-630

For toy gifts and craftwork gifts, products with complex fine details, and products made in pouring way.

HY-630# silicone rubber is mainly used for toy gifts and craftwork gifts with the advantages of good tensile strength, high tear strength, high temperature resistance, high duplication times and repeated use, etc. It is suitable for small products or fine and precision products which is difficult to demould. This silicone rubber is one of the products with the highest use level in the production of craftwork gifts and the shrinkage is up to 2‰.

Poly techniques, lights, candles, and molds in multiple pieces for large products.

Standard Datasheet

Model Appearance Viscosity  (cs) Hardness (Ao) Tensile Strength (kgf/cm2) Tear Strength (kgf/cm) Elongation (%) Mixing ratio(%) Operating Time(H) Curing Time(H)
630 White 30000~38000 30±2 ≥3.8 ≥2.8 ≥380 2~3 0.5~1 2~5

General Description
RTV-2 molding silicone rubber and silicone rubber are general called two-component room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber with excellent fluidity and good operational performance. Add curing agent of 2%-3% at the room temperature, the silicone rubber is still operational within 30 minutes,and in 2-5 hours, an elastic silicon mold will be obtained with resistance to deformation, high-temperature, acid and alkali and expansion. The silicone rubber is mainly applicable to mold duplication of poly crafts, resin craftworks, lightings, candles, etc. and fabrication of precision molds.

Operation Instructions for RTV-2 Molding Silicone Rubber
The product is white or red flowing liquid with general hardness of 34—38A°after curing. If the customer wants to make large products and large size molds, the mold should be made of silicone rubber with high hardness. On the contrary, if the mold with fine and precision patterns, it should be made of silicon with low hardness. The amount of the curing agent depends on the actual requirements of the customer. If molds require fast drying and demoulding, more curing agent is needed; contrarily, if molds require slower drying and demoulding, less curing agent is needed. (Note: our company does not recommend you to add silicone oil. If a special soft silicon mold or fine detailed and complex patterns products are required, 5%-10% silicone oil can be added to soften the mold for easy demould.)

The proportions and reactions of the curing agent and the silicon are listed as follows.
1. Add curing agent 1%, the silicone can still be operated within 2.5 hours and can be demoulded after 6-8 hours.
2. Add curing agent 2%, the silicone can still be operated within 50 minutes to 1 hour and can be demoulded after 2-3 hours.
3. Add curing agent 3%, the silicone can still be operated within 28 - 30 minutes and can be demoulded after 1.5-2 hours.
4. Add curing agent 4%, the silicone can still be operated within 10 - 15 minutes and can be demoulded after 1 -1.5 hours.

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Silicone Rubber
    1. Mould Silicone Rubber HY-625Number:HY-625
      Usage:For the duplication and mold making of glass crafts, lighting, candle, culture relics duplications.